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After many trials, we created Ricebliss, a combination of Asian porridge and European pudding that is filling, delicious, and nutritious. 

We hope you enjoy Ricebliss and make it a part of your healthy life style.

Wishing you good health,

Chris & Michelle
Two sisters and Creators of Ricebliss

The idea for Ricebliss began with our 
mother who needed something that would 
please both her delicate stomach as 
well as her palate. We wanted to come up

with a food that would give her more 
energy, nutrition, and flavor.

As sisters and co-creators of Ricebliss, we are often asked about the  origins of our unique recipe. 

We wanted to provide a delicious and wholesome grab and go food that is perfect any time of the day for a boost in antioxidants and whole-grain charged energy. 

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